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Services for Individuals

Investment and Retirement Planning

After a comprehensive review, we can then make recommendations on how to meet your targets in such areas as:

  • Retirement accumulation
  • Retirement income generation
  • Portfolio asset allocation
  • Short-term cash needs
  • Tax minimization

With a bit of consultation, you’ll feel much more confident in how your money is performing for you.

For more information on our investment services please review our Form ADV Part II Brochure

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Life Insurance Needs and Analysis

How much insurance should you carry? That’s a valid question, as you don’t want to get caught underinsured in the event of a tragedy, but neither should you overpay on premiums you don’t really need.

Have us evaluate your current coverage to better understand if you’re overpaying or underinsured. We’ll clarify the differences between whole life, term life, universal life and variable life plans, and help you rest easy, knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of.

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Disability Income Protection

It happens every day: An accident or prolonged illness prevents a hard working American from earning their income. How can you ensure your expenses are covered and your loved ones are protected?

Disability insurance is a responsible and affordable way of doing just that. And while some states mandate basic coverage, often it only lasts for a short period. We can review your options in plain English and help you decide which plan is most suitable.

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Long Term Care Insurance

With the cost of health care continuing to rise, it’s important to recognize that more than half of all Americans will spend time in long term care situations. The costs associated with long term care can be devastating to your finances. We can discuss with you whether long term care insurance makes sense for your needs, so you’ll be protected in the event of a permanent disability or extended nursing stay.

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Estate Planning

While nobody likes talking about their demise, it’s important to plan for how your investments and property go after your death, lest your loved ones be faced with hard decisions at an already difficult time. We’ll help you plan for the future so that your estate is safeguarded against unforeseen tax liabilities and your wishes are clearly defined. Not only will you feel more at ease, your loved ones will be reassured of your intentions as well.

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